Often described as "physician, midwife, doula, and friend" all in one, Dr. Strickland has a palpable passion for quality patient care.  Sincerity, warmth, and compassion complements a solid foundation of competent contemporary medicine. She provides an unrushed, comfortable, and personalized prenatal care experience. Without question, she is fully vested in the goal of you having an empowered, happy, healthy and safe pregnancy journey  and  birth.  For Dr. Strickland, it's not only a career, but an extension of her love for life and people.

Dr. Strickland  delivers patients at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, and Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, California.

"We couldn't have asked for a more caring and compassionate doctor to embark on the journey of having our twins. My pregnancy was high risk, and as a twin herself, Dr. Strickland made it a point to thoroughly and honestly answer every question we had at every appointment. Not only that, but she was there emotionally for me when I was terrified and needed support the most. I have never experienced a doctor that cared so deeply for her patients, and I thank God for bringing her into our life when He did. She is a true angel and blessing to all those that she knows and cares for." ―Vanessa Peel

A good doctor is thorough, respectful, forthright and confident.  They have gone to medical school, garnered exposure to a variety of cases and mastered the practical of medicine.  A GREAT doctor has the unique ability to complement clinical expertise with an innate ability to connect with her patients on a personal and emotional level and provide  unmatched compassion, empathy and confidence... And that is just what makes Dr. Strickland a 'one-of-a-kind', fantastic OBGYN.  She made my first pregnancy, which was a breeze in the beginning, but became quite complicated at the end, an amazing experience with her ability to calm, rationalize, soothe and prepare her patients for any situations that arise.  She is always available for any questions you have (at any hour) and gives you her utmost attention both medically and emotionally while you are in her care.  I highly recommend her.  —Kristen Del Pero

"Dr. Strickland is the most amazing doctor to have by any woman's side. I was so lucky to have had Dr. George Weinberger  introduce us!  She gave me so much strength and courage.  And let's face it , even though women have been doing this forever, it's kinda strange,  scary, and beautiful all at once.  She fondly says "I was a warrior-ess in labor" but I had some pretty amazing support. We Love her !"  — Sanja Brosnan

From the first moment I met Dr. Strickland, I immediately felt at ease and comfortable in her presence, which in my opinion is one of the most important skills an OB/GYN can possess. Her genuine passion for her work combined with her professionalism and gentle demeanor sets her apart from every other physician I have visited as a patient and worked with as a nurse. Dr. Strickland is truly an artist and refined in her craft. She loves and respects women and this can be felt in her presence by all who know her. I highly recommend Dr. Strickland for anyone who is seeking the highest quality care and the most comfortable patient experience.  —Katie Vigos RN BSN

"Dr. Strickland was the perfect Doctor to have in my birthing team along with my midwife. She not only understood and respected my vision for a natural vaginal birth but even encouraged me in that direction. Even though my beautiful daughter was born via C-Section in the end, I felt completely supported and cared for by Dr. Strickland. She fought with me for my baby and I am forever grateful for her role in Luna's birth."  —Adrienne Gamba

"Dr. Strickland is one of the  kindest doctors you'll ever meet. Her big, cuddly hugs will melt your heart! :-)  She is very patient, gentle and open minded. While I wanted to deliver in the hospital, I still sought  an experience that embraced  a natural and spiritual approach to birth. Dr. Strickland was very supportive and knowledgeable about both.  You get her personal cell as well. I could  reach her anytime with questions and concerns. I was very impressed with her and always felt comforted by the fact that I knew I was in good hands."  ―Natalia and Sofia (Born on August 5 2015)

"Dr. Strickland and I have done countless deliveries together and she is a pure joy to work with.  She not only has a kind and gentle bedside manner, she treats the staff she works alongside with as much compassion as her patients.  She embodies that rare combination of highly skilled physician and holistic, nuturing practitioner." ―Monica Lundry, RN, Childbirth Educator
(Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Labor & Delivery)

"Dr. Strickland is spectacular and any woman would be lucky to deliver with her. I had a successful VBAC under her care. That experience has given me a sense of fearlessness. I can handle anything. Which is a pretty spectacular feeling. I appreciate Dr. Strickland for supporting me during my VBAC trial of labor. Life changing experience."  ―CAM

"Not only was Dr. Strickland informative and friendly, she was patient when we had many questions.  The time she spent with my husband and I was amazing and we are happy to have her involved with our daughter's birth!"  ―Erin Curtis

"I worked with Dr. Strickland for several years as a Certified Nurse Midwife. She is a caring, compassionate, and skilled obstetrician and I consider her an honorary midwife.  Her patients are blessed to benefit from her loving care." -Maureen Hartle-Schutte, CNM

"I had the honor to work with Dr. Strickland and it was so refreshing to know I had the back up of an OB/GYN that was so knowledgeable while still valuing pregnancy, birth and women in a holistic way. She is a true gift and blessing to her patients, colleagues, and the babies she helps bring into the world!"  ―Sonya Jubb, CNM, NP